DEVELOPER: pig#999

Please note:
I am not going to offer any kind of support for non Premium Servers!

If you are interested in donating for the bot for premium stauts, please Direct Message the bot with !donate

If you are looking to become a Premium Server, please contact the bot's developer.


Bot Commands

Contact: /
!BALANCE Displays user's server balance. (Server currency & Total server messages)
!PROFILE Display's user profile. (Avatar, custom info box, gang, money and server join date)
!BUY Buy server roles. For more info please check the server's shop channel.
! Displays bot's info.
!WARNINGS Display's your server's total warnings.
Please note: 5 Warnings = KICK 6 Warnings = Ban
!REDEEM Redeems a bot vouncher. (Premium Status, server currency etc.)
!TRANSFER Transfer's the mentioned user server money.
!CRATE Open or buy the specified crate.
!MINE Mine for diamonds that can be sold for server currency.
!DIAMONDS Sell your mined diamonds.
!PACK Opens the specified cards pack.
!CARDS Displays your total cards (5 pages).
!INVENTORY Displays your total crates, weapons, items and potions.
!CLAIM Claim a present, item or a crate that was dropped in chat or by a boss.
!SET Set your profile's description, and if you are a GANG leader you can set your Gang name.
!INVITE Invites the specified user to your gang.
!FIGHT Fight an enemy or a boss.
!BLACKSMITH Craft or upgrade weapons and shields with items from crates or bosses.
!POTION Use a potion against a boss.
!TRUMPTWEET Generates a trumptweet with the given message.
!STATUS Check your PREMIUM status.
!BLACKJACK Play blackjack against the bot.
!SLOTS Play slots and try to get the big prize!
!HEX Displays a random hex, rgb and the name and image of the color.
!DAILY Receive daily server currency.
!VOCE Creates a temporary voice channel for the selected ammount of users.
!PRESENT Open or give a present.
!PLAY Plays the song by name or URL.
!SEARCH Searches a song by the given name and outputs 3 options you can chose from.
!QUEUE Displays the current music queue.
/ROLL Roll a random number between 1 and 100