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Super Giveaways is an open and friendly gaming community, and a network of dedicated gamers with a passion for gaming, curations and giveaways. We have just founded our group, and we are looking to host great giveaways for you, guys! We will offer you fast, reliable and excellent service, amazing giveaways, fun events and other great activities. We also provide boostings for steam, twitter, facebook and youtube for YOUR social areas!

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Each package has its own improved and developed process, meaning that the more you enquire the more you'd receive. We also provide many offers and deals towards boosting your social areas, which can be seen below.

  Fast Service

Once a package is ordered and verified by yourself, we can then successfully provide your social area/s with the members needed depending on the package. (*) We cannot guarantee that all users will join and not leave your social area, users joining are active and should stay dependent.


When contacting our staff you will be given a response within hours! Any questions asked will be answered and any help within ordering packages can be taken of when contacting our members of staff.


Our service can be effect towards your social area in a matter of hours! The users we provide are active and independent, meaning they will be able to see tweets/posts and other objects by yourself. No botting takes place during this process

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I gained 15.000 followers!, The service is excellent, Got me 5.000 steam members for my group, Easy simple and smart

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